Ultrabond ECO® 360 is a wet-lay, pressure sensitive adhesive designed for installation of homogeneous and heterogeneous solid vinyl flooring. Ultrabond ECO® 360 has a strong, durable, moisture-resistant and alkali-resistant bond making it ideal for commercial and institutional applications. It has an excellent open time, quickly develops strength, performs well under rolling loads, and resists dents. Great for use in occupied buildings like hospitals and medical centers due to its low volatile organic content.

  • Wet-lay, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • For installation of homogeneous sheet vinyl (solid PVC sheet flooring), luxury vinyl tile (solid PVC tile) and vinyl plank installation
  • Great for commercial, institutional and residential applications
  • CRI Green Label Plus #GLP12617
  • Plasticized migration resistance for use with all solid vinyl flooring
  • Ready to use - no mixing required

ECO 360 Vinyl Plank / Tile Flooring Adhesive 15 Ltr

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